Are we crazy?!

We might be . . . Just when a lot of people our age are thinking of down-sizing or moving to a condo to cut down on home and property upkeep, we’ve managed to acquire some 12 acres of woods, pasture and garden, together with a 100-year-old house!  Oh!  Did I mention that the property had been vacant for a couple of years and badly overgrown?  Or that the previous owners started renovating but left in the middle of the job? 

BUT the peace and quiet and the trees and the sky make it all worthwhile, and we are excited about getting the house renovations finished so that, sometime next spring or summer, we can live at Prairie Woods full time.

John is into his 60s and still works full-time.  I (Helena) am in my mid 50s and sometimes work and sometimes don’t.  Between us, we have seven children and ten grandchildren.  One child– Sharlee, age 12 — will be living with us for a few years yet!


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