Mother’s Day weekend project

(Yes it has been a long time since we’ve updated any of our projects or adventures at Prairie Woods. If I keep waiting until I have time “to catch up,” we’ll all wait forever. So I am going to write less and restart with more photos and stick to current projects for now.)

Saturday, May 9, 2015, we got a few posts into the ground …

Corner posts in the ground at Prairie Woods

By mid afternoon, we had a lot more – 40 to be exact – before stopping work early to shower and head into town for our local Sports Wall of Fame induction banquet.

working at Prairie Woodsa larger viewSunday being Mother’s Day, we didn’t start work quite as early. Helena also got fed up with the incessant wind and called it quits in the early afternoon. Nevertheless over 100 feet of fence is up and ready.John stayed with it though and put the gate in.

fence upview from the other directionWhat is all this in aid of, you ask? Well, ultimately some happy chickens will live here.

First, however, the goats will move in to take care of some of the overgrowth. That’s why the posts run in an L shape across the back of the garden – snow fencing will go there for now so the goats can work on the thistle patches for us as soon as the green shoots come up.

Hoping that within a week, you’ll be able to see some pictures of the goats exploring their temporary new territory!

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