Burning up the lath, Part 2

The preparation was finished.  John had harrowed away the dead grass around the pile of old lumber and lath, pallets, cardboard boxes and old hay.  We had waited and waited and finally we had a day that dawned still and clear, with little to no wind.  Although most of our invited guests weren’t able to make it, at least daughter Elizabeth was home.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Easter Sunday, with the video camera running, we started the fire.


At the very end of this video, you can see, on the north side of the fire (left hand side of the screen), a bit of grass beginning to burn.  As soon as I finish editing Part 3, you will be able to see what happened next!  (If you like, click on the “Sign me up” button to provide your name and email address, up in the top right corner of the page under “Staying Informed”, to automatically receive notifications whenever I update this blog.)

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