Burning Up the Lath, Part I

For many months we have been collecting lath, other unuseable old lumber, cardboard boxes, etc., into a big bonfire pile.  We invited people for a New Year’s Eve bonfire but the weather was too cold to spend the evening outside.  During the February school break, we hoped to have some older children and grandchildren home to enjoy the blaze, but the weather was even colder (-40 C and -40 F most of the week).

Fire dates were made and fire dates were broken but as the snow melted and the ground started to dry up, we knew we needed to have the fire soon or not at all until snow fell again late in the fall.  Our college student, Elizabeth, was home for the Easter weekend so we decided on a Good Friday blaze.  The wind blew and we didn’t dare risk a fire.  Saturday, the wind continued to blow.

Easter Sunday dawned clear and still and remained throughout the day.  The forecast was not calling for any gusting, so we spent the afternoon preparing for our mighty blaze.  (How mighty it was to be, we had no idea!)

Here’s a video for you — showing the growth of our pile and our final preparations before the big moment. 


Like the video, the story of our fire will be continued in my next blog post.

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