From winter to spring

In the pasture behind the Quonset is a fairly large hollow, a dry warm place I wandered into one sunny day last September in order to kill a few stray thistles.  Then winter came and we had enough snow that Sharlee was able to use the small hillside into the hollow as a sledding hill.

winter fun in the hollow at Prairie Woods

By late December, early January, we had enough snow at Prairie Woods for Sharlee to sled down into the hollow.

Last spring and summer Saskatchewan had record rainfalls and the ground was well saturated going into the winter, so we all knew this spring, when our substantial snowfall melted, there would be some runoff and puddles accumulating. We were sure some water would collect in the hollow.  Well, we were right.  In fact, the hollow is brimming full with water and what has been amazing is the speed with which it happened.  Following are two pictures taken only about 72 hours apart!

hollow at Prairie Woods after the snow has started to melt

April 10, Sharlee checks out the hollow she was sledding in just a couple of months earlier! The hill shown in the sledding picture is on the right-hand side.

spring runoff in the hollow at Prairie Woods

April 13, water has almost completely filled the hollow, and Sharlee would have trouble getting to the rock she was standing on only three days earlier.

Unlike many people in Saskatchewan however, we are fortunate in that we are in absolutely no danger of being flooded out.  Many highways have been closed in the province, people evacuated from their homes, and belongings destroyed by flood waters seeping and pouring into basements.  Our thoughts and prayers are with friends and family who are living day to day, anxiously waiting to hear whether the danger of river banks overflowing is past or if they will be the next ones asked to leave their homes.

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