Saskatoon Home Show

Not much work was completed on the renovations at Prairie Woods this past weekend.   Family responsibilities Saturday meant I only had a couple of hours to spend, which I used to clean up already removed lath from the spare bedroom and sweep the floor clean of bits of plaster and old insulation.  (I had left quite a mess there when I left off the previous weekend!)

John had more time to spend, but he had to use some of it to clear snow off the driveway as winter seems to be continuing here unabated.  The calendar may try to tell us it is spring, but the weather is insisting it is still winter.  In fact, we had lots of new snow again today!

Then Sunday, we were off to Saskatoon for the home show.  With over 300 exhibitors, there was lots to see.  Our top four finds:

1) We were pleased to find a local source for glass blocks which we want to install between the spare bedroom and the top of the living room stairs to allow sharing of afternoon sunlight.

2) We saw some cork flooring we liked, and even liked the salesman!  (Sadly it looks more and more like we may not be able to salvage the hardwood floor in the living room.)

3) We met a couple of different solar panel distributors and learned that a pole-mounted single solar panel for an outbuilding, such as our planned chicken coop, is quite reasonably priced.  This option would save us the trouble and expense of trenching wiring from the house to the coop and would, of course, be environmentally friendly.

4) We listened to Shell Busey’s presentation, learned he had a website with lots of advice, and later checked it out.  He does indeed have a lot of good home building and renovation tips free to all at

Did we buy anything?  Well, besides the fudge which is always unavoidable (and, for me, irrestible) at any type of trade show, we came home with the latest in mops and brooms and John is eagerly awaiting delivery of his new 26 foot ladder which can be configured in 33 different ways!

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