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Things Found in Old Houses

Does anyone take down walls or ceilings or floorboards in an old house without, at least idly, wondering what they might find?  Some hidden money would be nice, of course, but even a bundle of old love letters or the invoice … Continue reading

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Old Insulation

Removing lath from interior walls where there is nothing behind the lath is fun; removing lath from exterior walls with old insulation behind it not so much.  Mastering this job has involved a little bit of trial and error.  Being greeted with … Continue reading

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Taking Down a Ceiling

I keep hearing that video is the “in” thing online now, so I thought I’d make one to change up the posts on this blog a little.  Enjoy!

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After the plaster, then the lath

As I’ve mentioned, we’re working hard to keep the various construction materials we’re removing separated for proper disposal.  So once the plaster is off the walls, it’s time to pull off the lath.  Now, on the interior walls, that’s a quick … Continue reading

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Plaster, Plaster Everywhere

December, 2010 Gutting an old house, I have discovered, generates an awful lot of construction debris.  I don’t know what would have happened to it all in years past, but in these times of awareness of environmental issues, we’re careful … Continue reading

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