What Became of the Chimney?

December 26, 2010

In my most recent post (one day I will catch up to where we are actually at in our Prairie Woods house renos!), I told you about finding a roof and chimney inside the spare bedroom wall https://prairiewoods.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/behind-the-wall/.  On Boxing Day, we tackled its removal. 

John manoeuvred himself through the bedroom wall studs and up onto the roof of the original house, which was built in the early 1900s.  The first addition to the house (including the bedroom we were working in) was added in 1918. 

preparing to remove an old chimney

John climbing up onto the original house roof, presumably closed in when the 1918 addition was added. John's next step is removing the old chimmey which can be seen at the left of the photo.

Then he had to squeeze himself into the tight quarters behind the chimney (the current roof not giving him very much headroom).  Once he was settled, he hung up his work light and asked for the hammer. 

John preparing to remove the chimney we found behind the spare bedroom wall.

John moving into position to remove the bricks of the chimney I had found behind the spare bedroom wall (not shown in the photo but to the left). You can see the close quarters in which he had to work!

One by one, he loosened each brick and passed it through the wall to me, while I stacked them on the bedroom floor, ready for later disposal.

Later in the week, once Sharlee and Elizabeth had returned from their father’s (where they spent Christmas this year), we set Sharlee to work, pitching the bricks out the bedroom window.  As they were landing in soft snow, most of them made their exit undamaged and we will re-use them when we build our backyard fireplace.

bricks at the bottom of John's chute

Sharlee's pile of bricks; she was much more enthusiastic about dropping them out the window than she was about stacking them nicely out of the way afterwards!

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