Behind the Wall

Monday, November 1, 2010

I went out to Prairie Woods today by myself to put in a little time tearing out walls.  I have been waiting and waiting to discover a hidden treasure!  No, I didn’t find one today either, but I did find something of a novelty.

What we call “the spare room” is a upstairs bedroom on the southwest side of the house, part of the addition which was added to the original house in 1918.  I had taken out most of the plaster in this room earlier and today was removing lath from the inside walls.  There was a small area on the wall adjoining the original house where I had had lots of trouble with the plaster, and in fact eventually gave up on taking off the plaster entirely because it was cemented on so hard.  It would, I had reasoned, come off with the lath eventually.

Well, today, I discovered there was no lath behind that patch of plaster.  Instead there was a chimney!  The bedroom wall had been built up higher than that side of the roof of the original house, so I uncovered an open space between the new roof and the old roof, shingles on the old roof all still intact.  And then, there was the chimney!  The plaster had been applied right to the chimney and was adhered as tight as tight could be.

Chimney and roof found behind bedroom wall

The patch of plaster which proved impossible to remove on its own; in the background you can see the old roof which had been enclosed behind the bedroom wall

Brick chimney found behind the spare bedroom wall

The brick chimney, no longer connected to anything, found behind the spare bedroom wall

Finding treasure would have been nice, but finding a chimney was pretty intriguing, and made a great story for the dinner table back home that night.

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