Thanksgiving Weekend, Part Two

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yesterday was eagerly anticipated and much enjoyed.  My oldest daughter, Kathryn ( and her family made the five-hour drive from their home to come for Thanksgiving dinner and an acreage tour.  What fun it was to show off our new home-to-be and to entertain the grandchildren!

John had fun showing off the Massey-Ferguson tractor and other equipment to son-in-law Curtis.  I had fun taking Kathryn through the house and around the grounds and telling her all about our future plans.  Elizabeth and Sharlee had fun entertaining their two little nephews with the trampoline and other toys which were left by the previous owners.

A Thanksgiving hop on the trampoline at Prairie Woods

Elizabeth, Sharlee, and grandson Zackary enjoy bouncing on the Prairie Woods trampoline

Baby Benjamin and Elizabeth

Baby Benjamin is not really sure if trusting "Auntie Liz" to push him on the swing set is a good idea!

After a couple of hours of fun, fresh air, and exercise, we all returned home to our house in town for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of stuffed turkey and other good food.

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One Response to Thanksgiving Weekend, Part Two

  1. Kathryn says:

    Tee hee! Benjamin has a brow that’s just MADE for furrowing, doesn’t he! 😛

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