Thanksgiving Weekend, Part One

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend and lots to be thankful for!  Beautiful, beautiful weather for this time of year in our part of the world, our Elizabeth is home for the weekend (from her first year at college), and progress is being made out at the acreage.  Maybe not as fast as would be ideal, but progress nonetheless!

The steel I-beams are now inside the house, in the basement, waiting patientlyto be placed into position.  John had hoped to have them supporting the house by now, but ended up with more preliminary work than he had anticipated, such as repairing a number of floor joists.  Moving 880-pound, 33.3 foot long beams of solid steel from the yard into the basement was an interesting undertaking in itself.  The old Massey Ferguson tractor that came with the acreage proved its worth once again!  (For photos and a description of the move:

Today I was back at demolishing plaster and made great progress on the upstairs hallway.  It was much too beautiful a day to spend the whole afternoon indoors, however, and so I took a break to plant a “coral berry” bush in the front shrub bed (so recently semi-restored: ).  I had never heard of this plant before I saw it at the garden centre earlier this week, but the pink berries are very beautiful and quite a unique colour for a fall garden. 

Close up in fall of coral berry bush

The pink berries are an unusual colour in the garden at this time of year.

Fall watering of shrubs at Prairie Woods

Sharlee watering the coral berry and other shrubs at Prairie Woods on Thanksgiving weekend.


                                                                                        MY FIRST PLANTING!  I know the odds are a little rough, planting at this time of year, but Sharlee and I ferried lots of water to the coral berry as well to the rest of the shrubs who now enjoy the light of day and we will expect the best!

The coral berry bush made its appearance and I got to spend a couple of hours at a garden centre this past week, courtesy of John who gave me a gift certificate for my birthday in September.  I wanted things for my new BIG yard and I got them!  “In spades” I was going to say, but I didn’t actually get any spades.

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