880 Pounds and 33.3 Feet Long

Early October, 2010

The I-beams have arrived and the concrete footings for the support posts have cured enough to be able to handle the weight of the two-story house.  So . . . it is time to move the two I-beams (each weighing 880 pounds and being 33.3 feet long) from the lawn beside the house into the basement!  John and his ancient, but amazingly reliable,  Massey-Ferguson tractor (which came with the property) handled the job all by themselves.

Getting ready to move the I-beams

John attaching the first I-beam to the bucket of the Massey-Ferguson, using special beam clamps and a heavy chain.

Hooking the I-beams to the bucket at the front end of the Massey-Ferguson

A closer view of the hooking-up process, connecting the I-beam to the front-end bucket on the tractor.

Moving I-beams with the Massey-Ferguson

John lifting the attached end of the I-beam with the Massey-Ferguson bucket, preparing to drag the I-beam to the back yard where he will then push it into the house.

Dragging the I-beam with the Massey-Ferguson tractor

John starting to back up the Massey-Ferguson, dragging the I-beam along to get it into the back yard.

Moving the I-beams with the Massey-Ferguson tractor

The first I-beam is well on its way into the backyard at Prairie Woods. You can just see the end of the second I-beam at the bottom left-corner of the photo.

Moving the I-beam towards the house with the Massey-Ferguson

John now going forward with the Massey-Ferguson, moving the clamped end of the I-beam towards the house. Just below and at the left of the brick facade portion, you can see the piece of plywood which covers the hole through which the I-beam is going to be inserted.

Moving the I-beam towards the house with an old Massey-Ferguson tractor

A closer view of the I-beam and tractor bucket moving towards the house.

Pushing the I-beam into the basement of the old house.

John is using the Massey-Ferguson to push the I-beam into the basement of the house.

I-beam being pushed into the basement

Here is the view from the basement as the I-beam is being pushed from outside by John and his trusty Massey-Ferguson tractor! Note the sling (towards the right of the photo) supporting the I-beam and preventing it from simply crashing to the floor. This is now the second I-beam; you can see the first one laying on the gravel basement floor.

Now that they’re both in the basement, the next job is to hoist them up into position to actually support the house.

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