September Serendipities

Life at Prairie Woods is not all work and no play.

One afternoon in mid-September, John and I were standing on the deck and enjoying the view when a hawk glided past, not far from our heads, hunting moles.

Another evening, while John was out on his own, he sat in the second-story playhouse (initially to get a better view of the house roof to see what might need doing there).  While he was quietly contemplating matters, four deer came into view, virtually at his feet, eating the fresh-cut “hay” he had created when mowing down the almost waist-high back lawn.

One afternoon, Sharlee discovered a fire-pit nestled into the trees not too far from the south-west corner of the house.  We’ve now had more than one picnic supper there, enjoying not only our food but the fresh air, solitude, and peace and quiet of the country.

John and Sharlee watching our first fire at the Prairie Woods firepit

John and Sharlee waiting for the flames to take over and the smoke to clear. There is no shortage of deadfall on the property; we will be able to have many, many fires simply cleaning up the wooded areas.

And on the last Sunday of the month, a glorious sunrise with which to greet the day.  The light falling on our spruce trees and the fall foliage of the decidious trees and shrubs was spectacular.  Mornings like this refresh our spirits and justify all the thistle-hunting, cement-pouring, and wall demolition.

Fall foliage highlighted by the rising sun on a September morning at Prairie Woods.

September sunrise at Prairie Woods, well worth getting up early for on a Sunday morning!

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