Finding the Good Among the Bad

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This weekend I started cleaning the flower/shrub bed which should be gracing the front (roadside) of the property.  Instead it currently screams NEGLECT!

Grass and weeds hide the landscaped bed at the front of the property

Somewhere in all those weeds and overgrown grass are some plants worth salvaging!

 Poor little plants.  I am sure they were absolutely delighted to suddenly be blessed with an abundance of air and light. 

Weeding a neglected shubbery bed, and bringing light and air to the struggling flowering shrubs

Helena is finding some good plants in here -- a peony on her left and a potentilla (flowering even!) on her right. Although you can't see it yet, there is also a juniper directly in front of her.

When I had made enough progress with my hands and hand tools to see where the worthwhile and salvageable plants were, John brought out the John Deere lawnmower to cut the areas with only overgrown grass, weeds, and dead stalks.  I stood guard and waved him off when he got too close to the courageous ones who had managed to survive two years of neglect. 

BUT alas and alack!  There was one small potentilla which I hadn’t seen in all the the overgrowth.  I only noticed it when I saw its flowering branches decimated, lying with the cut grass and weeds.  I felt badly — the plucky plant had hung in there and managed with no care whatsoever for at least two years and then we ran it over.

Still I managed to rescue several other potentilla, some spirea, one juniper, a large peony and one other plant whose identity escapes me for the moment but which was clearly a planted nursery specimen and not a weed.  We’ll see what this mystery plant does, come spring next year!

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