One Week Later

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 30th was the official possession date and John  met the realtor in the morning to pick up keys for the house and quonset.  After work, we took Sharlee to see the inside of the house.   And yes, she fell in love with the little bedroom (one of the few finished rooms in the house) featuring a built-in dresser, tile counter and large mirror . . . just as John had thought she would!  So there is no question about which bedroom will be hers.

Eliminating all those thistles took this whole weekend — cutting, hauling, and burning.  One afternoon stretched to two days as every time I found another patch, I spotted more somewhere in the distance.  Still — the job is done!  Hurrah, hurrah! 

eliminating thistles by cuttting them, hauling them and then burning them

Truckload of thistles

In all, there were seven loads of thistles and many of the plants were tall enough to stretch the full width of the truck bed.

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2 Responses to One Week Later

  1. Roxane Mamer says:

    Wow Helena, I didn’t know you were doing this! Shaun and I plan to do exactly the same thing, except we are going to move a house to the lake. Love to see your place in the spring…or maybe you would share pics when you get yourself to the school!

  2. prairiewoods says:

    Yeah, we’re having lots of fun! We didn’t have to worry about the moving part though as that was already done for us. Would be interesting though. When all is said and done, maybe I’ll have to write up a little list the best and worst things to try during the process! (And I’m still coming to the school!)

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