The First Afternoon

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our first working afternoon at Prairie Woods!  Whoo-hooo!  Did we have a picnic celebration?  Pop a bottle of champagne?  Walk through the trees and breath wonderful evergreen smells in the fresh country air?  No!

We chopped down stands of Russian thistles.  A nasty job but somebody had to to do it.

Having noticed a bunch of tall thistles standing near the northern spruces, some in full bloom and some with full seed heads, and wanting to save us some weeding next year, I thought it wouldn’t take long to cut them down and bag or burn them.  I was wrong.

Well actually, I was right.  It didn’t take a very long time to cut down that stand of thistle.  On the other hand, adding that time to the time it took to cut down all the thistles on both sides of the Quonset as well as all the ones around the concrete patio in front of the house took up pretty well the entire afternoon.

Three pick-up loads of thistles were gathered up and piled on the driveway, then burned to ashes.  What a satisfaction to see those seed heads in flames!

Did we get them all?  Nooooo . . . we did not.  There are at least two groups and a few loners out in the pasture, as well as some in what will become our garden.  We will have to dedicate another afternoon and another bonfire to the thistle eradication effort!

blooming and seeding Russian thistles in our pasture

Thistles are just not going to be allowed to thrive at Prairie Woods. We have two years of neglect to overcome and we started by getting rid of thistles.

My mother hated thistles and worked hard to keep them from getting a toehold on the B.C. farm where I was raised.  She’s been gone for 26 years but I felt close to her this afternoon as I captured escaping seed heads and guided them back into their fiery crematorium.

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